City of Hadera Builds Israel’s First Net-Zero Energy Building

Net Zero Energy is a designation given to buildings that generate as much or more energy on site than they consume, annually. Alfa led the design team tasked with designing and building Israel’s first ever Net Zero Energy Building for the Hadera Municipality’s new kindergarten buildings. The new buildings ensure a healthy space for children through control of the indoor air, testing of outdoor air, and the use of non-toxic materials. In addition, passive solar design and natural ventilation help reduce building energy consumption. The kindergartens electrical power is supplied via rooftop solar PV panels.

According to theHadera kindergarten teacher, “the children are enjoying the building’s comfortable temperatures thanks to it being a NetZero kindergarten” and that “’for about a month [they] haven’t used the air conditioners, for heating or cooling. . . There is a pleasant atmosphere, the sunlight warms the floor, the insulated walls keep out the cold.” We are proud to see the positive impact of our design on user comfort and resource efficiency.

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