Mobileye Jerusalem Headquarters

Alfa oversees the Biophilic design and LEED® design and certification for Mobileye’s new headquarters in Jerusalem. The building will be used by 2000 employees and will include a cafeteria, data center, restaurants, an inviting landscape, as well as, an atrium and roof space for the employees to enjoy. Night cooling, renewable energy, and an advanced shading system will all contribute to a high performing and energy efficient project.

Architects: Moshe Zur Architects

Mobileye Jerusalem is registered under the LEED® green building program.

Omer Raz

Omer Raz

LEED GA | Environmental Engineer (BSc)

Omer graduated from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, with a focus on Heat Transfer and Renewable Energy. He’s studying for an M.A. in Environmental Science in Porter School of Environment of Tel Aviv University with a focus on Urban Sustainability. 

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