Sustainable Project Consulting  

Alfa offers design services for sustainable projects in public and commercial development. Our innovative consulting services are custom tailored to each of our client’s individual needs. This allows us to cater to a diverse range of clients and apply our expertise across the sustainable design field.

Alfa offers a comprehensive understanding of the building process, from research and development through construction and post occupancy. Our team is committed to incorporating their diverse skillsets into Alfa’s projects, including Civil and Environmental Engineering, Architecture, and Urban Planning. Our team has experience in various industry standards including LEED, Passive House, and WELL. We also strive to incorporate user comfort and well-being through Biophilic design practices.

Integrative Design Process (IDP)

We believe that innovative solutions are best discovered through interdisciplinary collaboration. To achieve this collective approach, we use the Integrative Design Process. IDP is a methodology with proven success in leading projects to achieve sustainable project goals.

Alfa organizes and hosts Integrative Design workshops to help clients and project consultants define measurable goals, design unique building characteristics, and identify strategies to achieve project objectives.

The IDP method brings together architects, engineers, planners, operations and maintenance personnel, and project stakeholders to create a more transparent planning process. Alfa’s coordination between project team members aims to reduce project costs, increase financial savings, and improve building occupant satisfaction.

Advanced Energy Modeling & CFD Simulations

Alfa performs a wide variety of feasibility analyses and project energy simulations. These simulations allow us to anticipate building energy consumption and examine strategies to reduce expected consumption and costs. Energy models help our team assess design change options to provide our clients with viable, cost saving solutions.

Our firm, located in Israel, has vast experience in providing sustainable design solutions for harsh Mediterranean and Middle Eastern climates. Alfa was involved in the design of a naturally ventilated Double Skin Façade – one of the firsts of its kind to be implemented in Israel-in the Amot Atrium project.

The high performance double skin façade includes integrated automatic interior blinds which reduce heat losses in the winter and unwanted solar hear gains in the summer.

Alfa experience extends to NetZero building. Energy modelling and simulations are an essential part of NetZero design. Our team collaborated on the NetZero energy kindergarten in Hadera, Israel, and are also working closely with the Ministry of Defense on the Triple Net Zero “Smart Bases” project.