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Our diverse team of engineers, architects, and planners are passionate about finding innovative solutions for our clients. We enjoy taking on new challenges, and eating lunch by the beach.
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Chen Shalita

LEED AP BD + C | Architect (BA) | CEO

Chen is the founder and CEO of Alfa Sustainable Projects and is the chairman of the Israeli Green Building Council.

Jerome Sebbag
Jerome Sebbag

Jerome Sebbag

LEED AP BD + C | Civil Engineer (MSc) | CTO | Partner

Jerome heads the Building Science Department at Alfa, which focuses on advanced simulations for energy, daylight, solar radiation, CFD, and leads the Zero Carbon building science.

Laurel Dorfman
Laurel Dorfman

Laurel Dorfman

WELL AP, LEED AP ID+C | Fitwel Ambassador | Architecture (BSc), Env. Studies (MA) | VP Strategy | Partner

 Laurel is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the company. She leads a team of experts in client sustainability solutions.

Yaniv Yehezkel
Yaniv Yehezkel

Yaniv Yehezkel

LEED Green Associate | Environmental Engineer (BSc) | COO | Partner

Yaniv is leading the Energy & Sustainable Design Department at Alfa, which focuses on managing sustainable, and resource efficient design processes for high-rise buildings and campuses. 

Maria Yogev
Maria Yogev

Maria Yogev

LEED Green Associate | Architect (BA) | Partner

At Alfa, Maria manages Building Science projects both related to LEED and 5281 certification both in urban scale and single building projects.

Benjy Brandwein
Benjy Brandwein

Benjy Brandwein

LEED AP BD+C | Environmental Engineer (BSc) | Partner

Benjy is a LEED Accredited Professional for the BD+C rating system and has extensive experience in certifying projects to LEED, notably ToHa 1 and Campus Amot which both received LEED Platinum certification. 

Yael Peery
Yael Peery

Yael Peery

LEED Green Associate | Fitwel Ambassador | CompSci (BA), Env. Studies (MSc) | Partner

At Alfa, Yael manages LEED, WELL and Fitwel projects. She led the Microsoft Campus, Herzliya LEED and Fitwel certifications, completing them to higher certification levels than initially targeted.

Daniel Alon Aboulafia

Environmental Engineer (BSc) | Head of Innovation

Daniel earned her degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology). Her expertise lies in energy systems, carbon emission reduction strategies, waste-to-energy, and building performance assessment.

Sarah Elbaz Garame

LEED AP BD+C | Fitwel Ambassador | Sustainability and Government (BA)

Sarah graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the IDC Herzliya University in Sustainability and Government with a specialization in Diplomacy and Counter-Terrorism.

Hannah Stone

Architect (BA)

Hannah is a graduate of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology with a B.Sc in Architectural Sciences. 

Shani Orlovsky

Sustainability and Government (BA)

Shani graduated with a Bachelors degree from the IDC Herzliya University in Sustainability and Government with a specialization in Global Affairs and Conflict Resolution.

Zara Wagner

Geography (BA)
Zara is a Geography graduate from Kings’ College London who went on to complete a post graduate diploma from University College London (UCL). 

Laura Riegle

LEED Green Associate | Sustainability and Government (BA)

Laura graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the IDC Herzliya University in Sustainability and Government with a specialization in Global Affairs and Conflict Resolution.

Shaanan Sack

Environmental Engineer (MSc)

Shaanan is an environmental engineer (M.Sc. Tel Aviv university).

Yoav Tal

Architecture engineering

Yoav graduated with a Practical Engineering Certificate (“Handesai Certificate”) in Architecture and Interior Design from Shenkar Handesaim school of Engineering and Arts.

Daniel Gross

Environmental Engineer (MSc) Bioenergy (M.Sc)

Dani is an evironmental engineer with a B.Sc from Technion and a Bioenergy M.Sc from DTU.

Tal Michael

Political Science and International Relations (B.A) Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Tal brings a lot of experience in business development from the governmental, high-tech, and consulting sectors. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Open University in Political Science and International Relations and with MBA from the Ben Gurion University.

Eliane Krugman

LEED Green Associate / Architect (BA) / MA student in Environmental Studies

Eliane is an architect graduated with honors from Tel Aviv University, working in the field of green building consulting for more than five years. Passionate about turning buildings into energy efficient

Einav Henenson

Geography (BA)
Einav completed her MA in Urban & Regional Planning at the Technion- the Technological Institute of Israel, and her BA in Sustainability and Design at the Arizona State University.

Amit Sever Levin

Architecture student

Amit is an Architecture student at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Lior Hadar

Office Manager

Lior Getraide

Office Manager