We set out to achieve an excellent work environment that would not only enhance the wellbeing of all Alfa staff, but also would be a pioneering example of a sustainable project, which reduces use of natural resources- Energy-Water-Waste, reduced embodied carbon and superior indoor air quality. Working in a very tight time line everyone at Alfa committed
themselves to completing the job, and through the support of our parents and sponsors we managed to meet all our goals for the project.

The result is a unique working environment which is health, comfortable and efficient , and we continue the journey to certify the campus as Zero Carbon

Net-Zero Energy Building

PV panels generate renewable energy on site.

A 13 kW photovoltaic system provides yearly positive energy balance by producing more renewable energy than consumed energy.

Healthy Workspace

Maximized natural daylight, thermal comfort and acoustic performance in addition to air-purifying systems.

A East-West oriented building enables the campus to maximize daylight and quality views. Acoustic panels incorporated in the ceiling and office walls help reduce noise, and air-purifying systems monitor and treat the air indoors

Zero Organic Waste

Biogas Digester System installed on site to treat food scraps and blackwater. Two Biogas Digester Systems were installed on campus: one collects food scraps which produce biogas to cook food in the outdoor kitchen, and another in form of bio-toilet which produce gas to heat water.

Zero Carbon- Reduced Embodied Carbon

By reusing low carbon materials, existing furniture and recycled materials throughout the interior design. The interior design includes used furniture, second hand purchased items and salvaged materials (such as old doors and a wooden fence) to create new desks and wall cladding.

Gray Water Recycling

Water from sinks is collected and treated for irrigation on site. Grey water from toilet sinks are collected and naturally treated, then used to irrigate the vegetation on the campus

Biophilic & Sensory Design

Diverse working spaces and multiple green elements provide rich working environments. The campus consists of multiple working environments designed to create different atmospheres and moods. Vegetation and outdoor space add to the overall experience



Energy & Carbon - Dashboard

It all starts with measuring your building’s performance. The more data you can have of the actual real time performance, the more you can streamline and maximize how efficient it will be, and how well it will perform.

At Alfa we measure real time energy consumption through Eferegy , we measure real time renewable energy production through SolarEdge and the actual real time indoor air quality through Radgreen sensors.

It is all displayed in our dashboard wall located at the entrance to the building.

Sponsers & Partners

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