Rendering: Yashar Architects

Matam East Phase A Achieves LEED Gold Certification with Sustainable Excellence

Matam East Phase A, in Matam Park, Haifa, dedicated to Apple offices, has garnered well-deserved recognition by achieving LEED Gold certification. This remarkable achievement is a testament to its commitment to eco-friendly practices and responsible design. Notably, Phase B and the forthcoming Phase C are also making strides towards LEED certification, showcasing a comprehensive commitment to sustainability across the development.

Tel Aviv’s Red Line Achieves LEED for Transit™ Certification as part of International Pilot

Tel Aviv’s Red Line: Abba Hill Station has achieved a significant milestone by securing LEED Silver certification, marking a commendable step forward in sustainable urban development. As the first project of its kind in Israel and the second in the world to achieve this recognition, the station is setting an inspiring example for environmentally responsible transit projects.