Tozteret Haaretz LEED® PLATINUM project

Totzeret Haaretz- Toha, is a premium high end office tower located at the centre of Tel Aviv, Israel.

The building’s design includes an advanced innovative Double Skin Façade developed especially for the project’s hot climate, which allows occupants excellent thermal and visual comfort.

The building has over 53,000 m2 of office space available for tenants, with four underground parking floors, and 28 above ground.

The building has several restaurants, including a rooftop resturant with excellent views. The project was completed in 2018.

Tozteret Haaretz was awarded LEED® PLATINUM in 2019, and joined a select group of office towers worldwide, which were awarded this certification.

Alfa completed the LEED certification to a higher rating than was initially expected.

Architects: Ron Arad Architects. Yashar Architects.

Rendering: Viewpoint